The interior of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

The interior of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna (Photo: Maximilian Just)

The interior of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna (Photo: Maximilian Just)

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St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

The nave of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is divided into a main nave and two side aisles, discloses it as a parish church built according to the strict rules of Gothic architecture.
Next to the North Tower elevator are the stairs leading down into the catacombs. The catacombs house the Bishops’ Crypt, as well as the urns in which, from 1564 to 1878, the viscera of the members of the House of Habsburg were entombed.

The Dark Side of Vienna

The Dark Side of Vienna

Both men who started two world wars were born in a same small country in the middle of Europe. Even more, for years they have lived at the same time in the capital of this country and they have even met several times. This country was Austria and the city was Vienna.

For centuries, the ruling dynasty in Vienna was obsessed with the cult of the dead. After the death of a Habsburg the heart and viscera were removed from the body according to strict ceremony. So, each of Habsburg was buried three times at three different locations in Vienna.

Vienna is still stuffed with strange customs and curious places, royal mummies

The guidebook The Dark Side of Vienna is in many ways a different Vienna travel guide. Away from the tourist traps you will be guided through the dark places and royal catacombs unique for its historical importance and scary atmosphere.

One of specialities of this book are Extra Walks for Special Interests. If you have special interests about Empress Elisabeth – Sisi, you can spent a day or more followed the path of that famous Empress through Vienna.

In WHO IS WHO and WHAT IS WHAT IN VIENNA you will find more than 100 brief biographies of historical figures as well as about 90 public places with the addresses, opening hours, admission fees and public transport connections for each one of them.

Last but not least: This guide will be updated and published 2-times a year. If you buy the book once, you will be able to download new book version with recent information, new chapters, pictures and maps every six months without additional charge. The actual version is 1.7

You can read the first chapters for FREE here: The Dark Side of Vienna

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