Hotel Sacher Vienna – a place where Vivaldi died

Hotel Sacher Vienna (Photo: Maximilian Just)

Hotel Sacher Vienna (Photo: Maximilian Just)

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As long as you are in Vienna and want to try the Original Sacher-Torte then there is no better place than as at the Café Sacher in the Hotel Sacher.
A man who is considerably more famous than many of the prominent stars that have been guests at the Café Sacher, died in the house that once stood where the Hotel Sacher stands today.

Vienna Art and Architecture

Vienna Art and Architecture

Vienna is primarily a city of artists, musicians and architects. The well-known figures such as Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi, Sigmund Freud, Otto Wagner, Ludwig Wittgenstein and many others were born in Vienna or lived here.

After you finish your daily sightseeing this book can help you to master unforgettable evening:
WINE: After an art-filled day, a glass of wine is not such a bad idea. You can have it in the same bar in which Beethoven drank his.
DINNER: When were you last time in a restaurant that was first mentioned fifty years before Columbus arrived America and has been in the same place ever since? If Mozart, Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Mark Twain could not resist, why you should not eat your Viennese Schnitzel there?
DESSERT: Vienna is famous for its cakes. While you eat your dessert in the best Viennese cake shop, think a little about Antonio Vivaldi who lived a floor above you.
COFFEE: Coffee is a cult in Vienna. In Sigmund Freud’s favorite coffeehouse, coffee still tastes great as then.

As you can see, in a very short time you will be the expert about Vienna and famous people that lived here, even before you came to Vienna.

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Product Description

The guidebook Vienna Art and Architecture is in many ways a different Vienna travel guide. Away from the tourist traps you will be guided through the castles, museums and music halls unique for its glance, art collections and historical importance.

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